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Our Story

Turning Interest into Action

The Mind Field, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that originated from a conversation among our founder and a group of friends. Historically, mental health issues have not been openly discussed within minority communities. This lack of dialogue can contribute to negative self-perceptions and adverse experiences. The Mind Field, Inc. was established with the purpose of challenging the stigma surrounding mental health in minority populations and encouraging open conversations about mental health within our communities. Our ultimate goal is to provide our communities with the resources and support they need to address their mental health challenges.

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Our Vision

Creating Something Better

The primary mission of The Mind Field, Inc. is to advance mental health education within minority communities, while also establishing safe and non-judgmental spaces where individuals from these communities can discuss mental health topics that are often considered taboo. In addition to promoting mental health awareness, we strive to provide minority communities with access to mental health resources and information. To achieve these goals, The Mind Field, Inc.,  plans to actively engage with the community through community-based discussion programs, where we can facilitate conversations around mental health and encourage people to seek the help and resources they need.

Our Mission

Anything is Possible

Our ultimate aim at The Mind Field, Inc. is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness within minority communities by fostering open and honest discussions. We believe that creating safe and non-judgmental spaces where individuals can discuss mental health topics freely and without fear of shame or stigma is essential. Through these discussions, we hope to increase awareness, reduce negative attitudes towards mental health, and encourage more people within minority communities to seek the help they need.

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